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XPLabs EPHEDRINE - 1 Foil Bag (50 - 8mg Tabs)
XPLabs EPHEDRINE - 1 Foil Bag (50 - 8mg Tabs)

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**American Orders: We do not ship ephedrine to the USA. We will however still ship SYNEPHRINE to the USA although this is very similar to Ephedrine it is not yet been banned. Buy SYNEPHRINE Here
All American orders containing Ephedrine will be cancelled without notice & a fee will be charged for canceling**

XP Labs Ephedrine - 1 Foil Bag (50 - 8mg tabs)

Ephedrine HCL is a powerful compound that has many beneficial effects

Ephedrine has powerful stimulant properties due largely to the release of adrenaline it stimulates.

It also has a vasodylating effect where by blood is transported more efficiently to the muscle tissue and throughout the body. Ephedrine will dramatically boost physical strength and cardiovascular performance through this vasodylation. Ephedrine is not permitted for use by most athletic groups as a result of its powerful performance enhancing effects.

Ephedrine also has power metabolism boosting effects. When taken throughout the day, early morning and up to mid afternoon, it will boost resting metabolism and dramatically reduce appetite.

This is one of the reasons ephedrine is such a powerful fat reduction product. In Canada ephedrine can officially only be sold as a nasal decongestant and not a body fat reduction aid.

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XPLabs EPHEDRINE April 16, 2019
Reviewer: James from St Thomas  
You cant beat the price and Simply they work, why pay more for the same ingredient. Very Happy Canada has Supplement source prices that beat the competition including the U.S.A

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Plateau Buster Combo December 4, 2018
Reviewer: Steven A from Crimetown, Saskatchewan  
I was stuck at a weight plateau for a long time and started using Allmax Shredded (U.S version it's better) and Ephedrine I bought locally (although I did order 10 bags of this stuff and they are both the same). Been using 2 Ephedrine +1 Shredded at morning, 2 Ephedrine and 1 Shredded at noon and 1 Ephedrine and 1 Shredded around 5pm. Have shattered that plateau's arse and I am doing better and feeling stronger in the gym I am surprising myself.

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Wild! November 29, 2018
Reviewer: Jaden from AB Canada  
Warning if you are intolerant to stimulants and/ or don’t take mad amounts of caffeine before working out this is NOT the stuff for you.  
I am very tolerant to caffeine and needed something else.  This stuff does the trick.  Took a 3 tabs my first time and it was fantastic!   My bud took 3 as well but isn’t as tolerant and he legit had a nervous breakdown in the gym when my girlfriend deadlifted more than him.  
Definitely recommend to those who can handle it but people with anxiety or intolerance to stimulants definitely SHOULD NOT use this.

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Awesome value January 25, 2017
Reviewer: Mike NCR from Ottawa, ON  
I've been an ephedrine HCl user on and off for two decades now - I originally cycled it for the ECA fat-burning stack for a couple years, but found it was burning out my adrenals. After that I used it for decongestion only during allergy season and when I have a cold (the pseudoephedrine in pharmacy cold remedies is garbage compared to true ephedrine). So I have a lot of experience in brands and effectiveness.

This product is awesome stuff, and it's helping me "weather" this winter's colds really well. Best of all it's priced to put every other company out of business.

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Awesome Product! May 30, 2013
Reviewer: ADR from Summerside, PE Canada  
This has helped me so much! I decided to try the EC stack after a bout with uncontrollable binge eating and it's changed me life. Not only does it cut my appetite, it has forced me to drink water! Anyone who knows me knows how much I detest water! I love it now! I have lost 4lbs in one week taking the Ephedrine and Caffeine! You also get 3 samples of high quality drink mixes and a magazine with your purchase! I live in a pretty desolate place and I received my order in days! I have more Kaizen Ephedrine in my shopping cart right now! I would recommend this to everyone!

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