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When you shop at, you can rest easy knowing that the supplements we sell at our online store adhere to proper Canadian health regulations and guidelines. Unlike in the United States, where supplements are considered as food products, and are therefore not subject to testing to see whether or how much of an active ingredient they contain, supplements for sale in Canada are regulated by Health Canada to ensure the safety and the makeup of all products and that the ingredients list can be trusted.

That means manufacturers are required to obtain a product license to sell their supplements in Canada. Even if they're an American brand that is subject to the less stringent rules of the Dietary Supplements Health Education Act, their products cannot be sold in Canada unless they first pass a Health Canada assessment for safety and efficacy. Because of this, every brand you see on this page and the products that we sell here at our online supplements store has been meticulously vetted by Health Canada to contain what it says it does, and it's safe for consumption.

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