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White Paper Supplements METabOLIC (Rapid Fat Loss), 120 Caps
White Paper Supplements Metabolic Formula

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White Paper Supplements Metabolic Formula

Improve Metabolic Function!

The Challenge

Rivaling lean mass gain in importance to sport and conditioning success, excess fat reduction and increased metabolic rate is the main focus of our Metabolic Formula. As with all of our products, the metabolic formula supports these targets through multiple mechanisms, improving the odds of a positive outcome.

Our Solution

White Paper Metabolic Formula is designed to provide premium quality nutritional support for enhanced fat loss and improved metabolic function when combined with a targeted training regimen.Who Can BenefitAthletes who need lower bodyfat levels to perform optimally are the primary target audience for our Metabolic Formula. By extension, anyone interested in superior physical performance and development will be equally well served by our formulas, regardless of whether they are involved in athletics or not. Our products are, however, intended to be combined with structured physical training or conditioning for best results.

The Science

L-Citrulline - Is one of the three dietary amino acids in the urea cycle, alongside arginine and ornithine. Citrulline supplementation has been reliably shown to increase nitric oxide production. This in turn plays a major role in vascular relaxation, blood pressure regulation and increased blood flow. Citrulline has also been shown in studies to significantly decrease training fatigue and soreness, facilitating higher workout volumes and intensities.

L-Carnitine - Is an amino acid derivative produced by the body that can also be ingested. L-Carnitine is involved in a number of important functions in the body, primarily heart and brain function, muscular movement and energy production. L-Carnitine supplementation appears to support fat loss through multiple modalities. It has been shown to help reduce fatigue, exhibits stimulatory actions on metabolism, increase androgen receptor density, reduce blood glucose levels, improve cognitive capacity and improve blood flow, among other effects.

Chromium Picolinate - Is an essential mineral involved in the regulation of glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity. Lower than optimum levels of chromium can interfere with these functions, critical to elevated metabolism post-exercise, so this ingredient acts in an insurance role to support the effectiveness of the formulation as a whole.

Green Tea Extract - The main active ingredients of green tea, water soluble polyphenols or catechins. These polyphenols, of which ECGC is the most important, have been credited with an impressive range of metabolic effects and benefits. Of primary importance for our purposes here is a reducing effect on bodyfat brought about by multiple mechanisms. ECGC appears to significantly increase oxidation, the tendency to burn fatty acids rather than glucose for energy. It also lowers blood glucose, decreases carb absorption and increases oxygen uptake, improving the effectiveness of aerobic exercise in fat reduction. ECGC consumption further appears to increase adiponectin, an important protein involved in regulating glucose levels and fatty acid breakdown.

CLA - Or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, is a mixture of polyunsaturated fatty acids. They have little significance as a nutrient, but have been shown to have an effect on the molecular signaling receptor family named PPAR, which is involved in fat burning, steroid signaling and glucose/lipid metabolism. Although the effects shown have been mild, observational evidence points towards a significant role in fat reduction.


An elevated metabolism carries more benefit than just faster fat loss. Quicker transport of cellular nutrients can speed recovery. Faster processing and elimination of fluids and toxins helps lead to a cleaner system. Improved circulation and fluid transport carries a host of health benefits. And of course, more efficient reductions in excess bodyfat assist in both stronger athletic performances and a more appealing appearance.

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