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Here is our chance to let you in on everything SupplementSource.ca! We'll cover such topics as supplementation, new products, current trends, workout tips and much more. We're excited to engage with our customers so if you have any topics you want covered please give us a shout. We love helping our customers out!

The Top Ten Essential Vitamins for Bodybuilding

If you’re focused on gaining muscle mass and losing weight in bodybuilding, these are the top ten most essential vitamins and nutrients that you need.....READ MORE.
How Much Protein Do You Need In a Day?

Protein is one of the most important nutrients we take in during the day, but the amount we’re supposed to have varies depending on a number of factors....READ MORE.
Why Use Branch Chain Amino Acids During a Workout?

You work hard for your gains, so it only makes sense that you drink water while you're lifting or moving your way to a better body. The hydrating powers of water are important and proven by science, and without a trusty water bottle by your side you won't make it very far in any kind of workout.

But what about taking branch chain amino acids during a workout?... READ MORE

Should You Take Supplements Before Bed Time?

Some diets are meticulously constructed from the best ingredients and preparation processes. Others are a hodgepodge of fast food, snacks and quick bites whenever there's a few minutes. We all know what....READ MORE.

Should You Take BCAA Before or After a Workout?

If you're looking to get the most out of your grueling workouts, branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs, are the answer. Studies suggest that...READ MORE.

When a scoop is not a scoop...

Here’s a little bit of insider info that you may not have known. The measuring scoop that comes inside your supplement bottle is...

Chocolate Protein Pudding Recipe
When you want tasty guilt-free dessert that wont ruin your diet then this is a must try!