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MuscleMaxx PRE + BCAA Apocalypse COMBO

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MuscleMaxx Pre + BCAA Apocalypse COMBO

Annihilate Your Workout!

Itís basic, right? You gotta hit the gym and your gains wonít tolerate no weak @ss workout. Lock Ďní load, take no prisoners and straight up destroy your workout! Become immortal; 'cause average is for the boring and you ain't about that life.

Nothing else can prepare you, this is PRE APOCALYPSE. Everything you need to annihilate your workout in one easy scoop with none of those useless fancy ingredients.

All The Good Stuff, None Of The B.S.

PRE APOCALYPSE is a no nonsense pre-workout that lets you hit the iron hard. Wake up with our quadruple threat of B Vitamins - B3, B6, B9 and B12 to amp up your metabolism and boost your cardiovascular system.

We know you donít have time for muscle fatigue, thatís where Beta-Alanine comes in. Beta-Alanine increases strength and power while boosting muscular endurance, bringing your workout to some next level intensity.

We also added Citrulline Malate to get that vascular blood flow, increase ATP production, reduce muscle fatigue and promote Nitric Oxide production.

And you canít forget Creatine in its most tried and tested form to improve performance in short-burst, high-intensity strength training, so you can pull some mad gains at the gym. Creatine increases muscle mass, strength and size like nobodyís business.

We also included a blend of straight up buzziní out of your skin energy with Taurine and Caffeine. Improve your mental focus, energy and body composition with the good stuff.

Blue Raspberry

Red Punch Napalm

Muscle-Exploding BCAA Power! Highly Potent, Highly Effective!

Itís simple... Aminos like BCAAs are the driving force behind the anabolic power of protein...THEY BUILD MUSCLE.
When you're killing it in the gym, you need Aminos like BCAAs, Glutamine & Taurine to halt muscle loss & get you set up for serious muscle gains.

Muscle breakdown is a fact of life, we all have this happening literally all the time. What you need to do to win is tilt the scale in your favor. BCAAs feed your muscles directly! They are the part of protein directly responsible for stimulating muscle growth while reducing muscle breakdown.

Nothing keeps your muscles going like BCAAís during your intense workouts. Our no-nonsense highly potent BCAAís are the best there is. But thatís not all, we added a kick@ss blend of B6 (Highly Bioavailable P5P form) & B12 (Highly Bioavailable Methylated form) to ramp up your metabolism and give your body the raw materials needed to effectively use and absorb the BCAAs themselves.

If youíre building muscle then you know BCAAs are the best to increase the rate of muscle growth. Why? Because while other aminos are processed by the liver, BCAAs are absorbed by the muscle directly which cuts down on muscle tissue breakdown. If you want to build quality muscle fast then BCAAs are where itís at.
So, what are BCAAs anyway? Branched Chain Amino Acids are just that, they are amino acids, but with a difference! They are the key amino acids that are specifically tied to stimulating muscle growth.

The BCAAs are Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine. They are found in all complete proteins like whey protein, beef and eggs. BCAA Apocalypse has 50% of the BCAAs in the form of Leucine and 25% Valine and 25% Isoleucine; it is a 2:1:1 ratio.

To help stop muscle tissue breakdown we brought in the reinforcements with L-Glutamine. Glutamine supports your muscle glutamine levels, prevents tissue breakdown and increases recovery. Donít forget Taurine for improved mental focus and energy. It also acts as a cell volumizer by drawing water into muscle cells, getting more nutrients where it needs to be for better recovery and growth.

APOCALYPSE BCAAs give you ONLY the good stuff and NONE of the B.S.

Mix it with ice-cold water, slam it back, hit the iron, and leave the rest of the f@#king world in your dust! Ideal for use before intense physical activity. Stay adequately hydrated.

BCAA APOCALYPSE comes in two amazingly delicious flavors, Blue Wraithberry and Red Punch Napalm.

Nutritional profile may vary with flavour.

Blue Wraithberry

Red Punch Napalm

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