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Limitless BCAA POWER, 50 Servings
Limitless Pharma BCAA Power

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Limitless Pharma BCAA Power

BCAA Power from Limitless Pharma is a complete formula...

designed for endurance sports and weight loss. Containing an optimal mix of L-Carnitine, Taurine and caffeine, BCAA helps stimulate fat oxygenation. Vitamins B6 and B12, combined with caffeine and taurine, will provide you with energy throughout your workout session and extend it. The BCAA ratio of 3: 2: 1, for a total of 6g per serving, is ideal to optimize muscular endurance and muscle growth; a perfect mix, increasing lean muscle mass growth, endurance, and weight loss. In addition to exceptional quality, BCAA Power flavors will meet your requirements and dazzle you with every sip! On top of all, BCAA also contains some electrolytes (magnesium) concentration, which play an important role in in physical activity

- 3:2:1 BCAA ratio (6g) / 200mg of magnesium
- Vegan source of BCAA / 0 calories
- Perfect ratio of vitamin B6 and B12


As a dietary supplement, consume one serving (1 scoop) of BCAA POWER mixed into 6-8 oz of cold water, one to three times daily. For optimal use: take between meals, 30-45 minutes before workouts, during workouts, and/or immediately after workouts.

What's BCAA?

Branched Chain Amino Acids, BCAAs are branched amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, valine). The combination of these three amino acids is about one-third of the muscle proteins. BCAAs are part of the family of essential amino acids. They are called essential because the body can not manufacture them itself. It is, therefore, essential to bring them through diet to be healthy and to allow muscle development: without them, muscle anabolism is not possible.

Characteristic of BCAA

Unlike other amino acids which are metabolized in the liver, BCAA is metabolized directly into the muscle (they are oxidized in muscle mitochondria). When muscles have exhausted their glycogen (sugar), it starts to use fat and protein to produce energy. Large proteins are thus destroyed into several smaller pieces to recover the BCAA, to be used as fuel.

Effects and Benefits

Before, during and after a strength training, BCAA can increase muscle mass and limit protein breakdown (anti-catabolic role). It is a dietary supplement of choice for mass gain. Once assimilated, BCAAs are used directly by muscle cells as an energy source. This prevents the body to tap into these own proteins reserves to produce energy.

It is known that intense weight training is accompanied by transient immunosuppression. Taking BCAAs before a weight training session can limit the transient decrease in glutamine and thus, indirectly enhances immune function.

Another significant effect on weight: it allows an attenuation of the reduction in power generation capacity during intense training of force.

About numbers registered on packaging

We found on BCAA labels, often a small line with 3 number that is most often 2.1.1. These figures correspond to the ratio of amino acids L-leucine L-isoleucine and L-valine. In our example, so there will be 2 times more leucine as isoleucine and valine. In other words, if you buy 1000 grams of BCAAs 2.1.1, so you have 500 g of leucine, isoleucine, and 250 g to 250 g of valine.

What is the best ratio?

To answer this question, we must know that leucine is the king of amino acids. It is the one that allows muscle cells to start the muscle protein manufacturing process. This construction allows accumulating the protein in the muscle which leads to muscle hypertrophy. Research suggests that people who add additional leucine and carbohydrates in their shakes after workouts are making significantly higher muscle protein than those who consume basic proteins and carbohydrates. Warning, do not rush you out pots BCAA to 8.1.1. Indeed, the two other amino acids also have their importance. Therefore, we recommend a ratio of 2.1.1.

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