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Made from real foods such as brown rice, yellow peas, beet root and amaranth sprouts, Iron Vegan supplements are real food supplements made for real people. Instead of stuff that tastes like cardboard, our stuff is made from real, yummy food that fuels whatever it is that you love to do.

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Iron Vegan Sprouted Protein 500g Iron Vegan SPROUTED PROTEIN, 500g

Reg. $34.95
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Iron Vegan Amino Octane 40 Scoops Iron Vegan AMINO OCTANE, 40 Scoops

Save 20% at Checkout $39.95
Iron Vegan Sprouted Protein Iron Vegan SPROUTED PROTEIN, 1kg

Save 20% at Checkout $59.95
Iron Vegan Athlete's Blend Iron Vegan ATHLETE'S BLEND, 1kg

Save 20% at Checkout $59.95
Iron Vegan Athlete's Gainer Iron Vegan ATHLETE'S GAINER, 4.5kg

Save 20% at Checkout $95.95
Iron Vegan doesn't bother with artificial ingredients that sap energy and drag performance down. We make great-tasting Iron Vegan supplements that only have natural flavors, sweeteners and colors like those you'd find out in, you know, nature.

And when your Iron Vegan supplements taste great and provide you with the fuel that you need to get through any workout, especially without all that gritty graininess of yesterday's plant-based products, you can concentrate on getting more out of your efforts because we've got your covered with Iron Vegan protein.

Iron Vegan supplements are also proudly made right here in the great white north with premium ingredients and to the highest standards. We call it plant-based fuel, but all you need to know is that this yummy goodness will get you through your next workout without some lame aftertaste or bloated-ness.

From on our on-the-go protein bars to sprouted protein formulas and other things that athletes need, Iron Vegan supplements are a great way to get and stay fit while respecting our animal friends. What's more, our supplements are so great-tasting that we've whipped up everything from white chocolate blackberry glazed donuts to double chocolate mint ice cream and chocolate cakes with them. Yum!

Forget about anyone that insists that you need animal protein to get the most out of your workouts. With the power of Iron Vegan supplements, you'll get all the protein you need for the most strenuous of workouts, and it all comes from the power of delicious plants that you can easily add to your meals and snacks whether you're preparing for your next workout or winding down from one.

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