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Grenade RELOAD BARS, 70g x 12 Bars/Box
Grenade Reload Bars

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Grenade Reload Bars 70g x 12 bars per box

*Summer shipping policy in effect: (May-September)

If you are ordering any Protein Bars or Bites Please note that during the warmer summer months they may arrive melted, as we have no control over temperature variances and higher temperatures. We will not accept any claims for melted bars or bites.

Sustained Energy Release!!!

ri Source Protein Blend
Over 26% Protein Per Bar
No Refined Sugars & Low Saturated Fat

Our Reload Protein Flapjacks are handmade in a local bakery based in the UK. Reload® are naturally flavoured, suitable for vegetarians and ideal for consuming additional high quality protein in between meals. Reload boasts an impressive 26%+ Protein per bar.

Reload is a convenient way to consume additional high, quality Protein in between meals or whilst on deployment without adding unwanted refined sugars or saturated fats.

Reload utilises a sustained release carbohydrate and tri Protein blend containing Whey concentrate and ultra-filtered soy isolate in a delicious oven baked bar. To avoid the protein being heated and potentially denatured, the oats are pre baked and the Protein added afterwards making this product unique and one of the highest quality and best tasting (in our opinion) bars on the market.

With over 26% Protein per bar, Reload is available in 4 flavours, Chocolate Browning, Coconut Chaos, Fused Fruit and Chocolate Orange.

We believe we are the first company to utilise three different protein sources in a flapjack. The reason is each Protein is released at a different rate of absorption, ensuring a sustained release of amino acids over a longer period of time to enable a positive nitrogen balance.

For a sustained release of energy, Reload contains multiple sources of slow release carbohydrates such as jumbo oats, rolled oats and oat bran. Slow release carbohydrates take the body longer to break down and convert into energy, hence why they are also often referred to as complex carbohydrates.

The result is that energy is given to the body over an extended period, with only a small impact on blood sugar levels. Controlling blood sugar levels helps to stabilise insulin levels which, in turn, can reduce fat storage.

Reload contains a balanced ratio of 2:1, Carbs to Protein, meaning they are the perfect product to have any time during the day. The carbs within Reload are delivered through a complex, slow release source (oats), meaning they offer a great alternative and are a much healthier snack. They are an excellent and convenient way to consume additional protein in between meal or whilst on deployment. Reload should be consumed as part of a balanced diet.

Nutritional profile may vary with flavour.

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great taste and deal March 12, 2018
Reviewer: Stephen from Edmonton  
i used to shop at the local supplemnet store but their prices are just to high.  I got this bar for camping and its perfect   get taste and awesome prcie.  you guys have the best prices

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Great Bar March 6, 2018
Reviewer: Eugene from Edmonton, AB  
Love the taste the brits got this Fiquired out and have made a really good bar

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