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Health gives you the freedom to live the life you want to live. That is the heart of Genuine Health's mission: to nurish and inspire you to feel awesome every day, so you can give more to the people around you, and crush your own goals, too. A all natural, science-based supplement brand that gives your body the nurishmnet it needs for improved energy, cognition, movement, sleep and gut health - so you can love how you feel, every day.

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Genuine Health Greens+ Genuine Health GREENS+, 60 Servings

Reg. $78.95
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You Save $15.96
Genuine Health Marine Clean Collagen Genuine Health CLEAN COLLAGEN + CLEAN COLLAGEN BARS COMBO

Reg. $57.95
Back to Gym Sale $39.97
You Save $17.98
You may have heard of our first product, greens+. We launched greens+ over 25 years ago, the first whole food formula to truly nourish the body. Today greens+ is still the #1 superfood in Canada – but more importantly, the only superfood to be validated by 9 clinical studies.

But there’s more to us than that. We love science and research (you could say we’re obsessed), and during our 25 years on this planet, we’ve continued to create products that make a difference in your life.