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Fusion GLUTAMEND (120 Servings), 630g
Fusion Glutamend

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Fusion Glutamend

Heal Faster - Grow Faster!

GLUTAMEND is scientifically formulated to work with your training and nutrition to help repair muscle so you you will heal and grow. GLUTAMEND helps put your body in the go zone so you're healthy and ready to rebuild your muscles bigger, better and stronger. GLUTAMEND was created to keep your entire body primed for health and growth. It works in six different ways to help you keep healthy, healing and huge.

GLUTAMEND works in six different ways by

* Repairing your muscles
* Helping maximize muscle function
* Supporting a positive nitrogen balance
* Boosting your immune system
* Enhancing your digestion
* Strengthening your bones


When should I take GLUTAMEND?

You should take four servings of GLUTAMEND throughout the day. Each serving consists of one rounded scoop. The first scoop should be taken first thing in the morning, before breakfast. Then take another serving before and after you work out, and finally take the last serving before bed.

What other FUSION products can I stack with GLUTAMEND?

GLUTAMEND can be stacked with any FUSION product. Just be sure to read each product's label before you take or combine any bodybuilding supplement.

Why do I need GLUTAMEND?

Muscles grow in response to overloads, which is essentially what we are doing when we train. This overloading causes damage to the muscle cells, forcing your body to rebuild it. To deal with future overloading, your body rebuilds your muscles bigger and stronger. What the ingredients in GLUTAMEND do is help your body heal muscle cells. This, combined with a healthy diet and a solid training plan, helps your body build muscle.

Is taking GLUTAMEND better than just taking glutamine?

While GLUTAMEND does contain glutamine, it also contains a number of other ingredients that work together to offer results that a glutamine supplement alone simply can't.

Who can use GLUTAMEND?

Any healthy adult should be able to benefit from using GLUTAMEND. However, it's important to read the label before using any supplement, and, if you have any questions, be sure to talk to your physician.

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