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FitJoy PROTEIN BARS, 12 x 60g Bars/Box - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
FitJoy Bars

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FITJOY PROTEIN BARS, 12 x 60g Bars/Box

I gotta say I really enjoy these bars we got samples of these long before they were available to the public and I though wow this is a great tasting bar. If your on the fence about these bars take a chance I don't think you'll be disappointed.

But far too often, we choose a side whether we realize it or not. Eating right, working out and making steps towards your goal should be a journey that gives you more satisfaction, not less. Put the joy back into living a healthy lifestyle with FitJoy!

FitJoy began as a passion project by the company’s CEO, who, after being diagnosed with Celiac and a severe sensitivity to artificial sweeteners, wanted to develop a brand of on-the-go snacks that offered a gourmet taste experience that would excite his inner foodie without interfering with his health. Like most meaningful endeavors, the journey wasn’t easy or straightforward.

Two and half years, thousands of man-hours, 100+ taste tests, two contract manufacturers, small wins and major setbacks…all for one, single idea. We’re proud to offer FitJoy as a line of healthy and gourmet snacks that answer your call for less sacrifice and more freedom.

Nutritional stats vary with flavour.

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Oh, the decadent taste of chocolate peanut butter candy bars. They’re sweet with just the right amount of salty. And unfortunately, they’re full of unwanted empty calories. So, in the name of health and fitness, you’re forced to put your cravings aside. But you don’t have to!
If you’re salivating from thoughts of creamy peanut butter and rich chocolate, we’ve got you covered with FitJoy's Chocolate Peanut Butter protein bar. This chocolate based bar is layered with peanuts on top, and coated with peanut ?avor on the bottom for a 1-2 punch of deliciousness. This bar is fit, clean, and it’s a chocolate peanut butter lover’s dream.

French Vanilla Almond

In need of an ‘aaah’ moment? When your day calls for a bite of something sweet, creamy and healthy, answer the call with FitJoy's French Vanilla Almond protein bar.
The rich, soothing French Vanilla Almond bar is layered with raw, buttery almond bits, and topped with a light drizzle. But don’t be fooled by its gourmet looks and indulgent flavor, this bar is made with your health and fitness in mind! So go ahead and enjoy your moment of bliss.

Chocolate Iced Brownie

Brownies are everywhere. They’re sitting in our break room; they’re staring at us from our kitchen counters... No matter how hard we try, fudgy brownies are tempting us to abandon our fitness goals and throw us of balance.
In an effort to satisfy our cravings and keep our physiques in check, we created FitJoy's Chocolate Iced Brownie protein bar. Its rich chocolaty flavor is heightened by an indulgent texture that masters the softness of a brownie with a slight pecan crunch. Best of all, this bar won’t derail your fitness goals. When you’re serious about your health and fitness (and your brownies), what else could you ask for?

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