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Low carb, high-protein diets are gaining increasing dominance owing to their numerous health advantages that, contrary to popular perception, are not restricted to weight loss alone. Regardless of the type of health or fitness goal you’re trying to achieve, lowering your carbohydrate intake and increasing your protein consumption may prove to be beneficial. Dimpflmeier Power Slice bread is the perfect low carb, high protein food option that tastes like real bread by is diet-friendly.

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Dimpflmeier Carb Smart High Protein Bread Dimpflmeier POWER SLICE (Low Carb Protein Bread) - 1 Loaf

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Dimpflmeier Healthy Living Prebiotic Bread Dimpflmeier HEALTHY LIVING PREBIOTIC Multigrain Bread - 1 Loaf

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Dimpflmeier Power Slice Bread for Carb Reduced Diets:

Restriction of carbohydrate intake facilitates not only weight loss and maintenance but yields several other underlying benefits such as improved blood sugar control, maintenance of bone and muscle health, and reduced risk of heart disease. However there are two caveats in case you’re following a diet rich in animal protein: an increased vulnerability to raised cholesterol and reduced intake of nutrients from whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. So it’d be best to proceed with caution and vary your meals by incorporating diverse protein sources.

For those of you looking for healthier alternatives to meat or poultry sources, SupplementSource.ca presents the Dimpflmeier Bread/Power Slice – carb smart protein bread. This low carb bread bears two noteworthy distinctions: it’s the lowest carbohydrate bread (1 net gram) and the highest protein bread (15 g) available in the market! Moreover, Dimpflmeier bread is non-GMO based, contains no sugar, and is made with natural artesian spring water. In addition, it includes healthy ingredients like wheat germ, brown and yellow flax seeds, wheat and oat fiber, psyllium seed husk, and rice protein, among several others.

In keeping with consumers’ rising demand for health-promoting food products, SupplementSource.ca also offers the Dimpflmeier Healthy Living Prebiotic Multigrain Bread that is rich in prebiotics – specialized plant fiber that is a food source for the good bacteria. Apart from increasing the amount of good bacteria and reducing bad bacteria in the gut, it provides several other health advantages like improved bowel regularity, increased calcium and magnesium absorption, stronger bones, and enhanced immune system, to name just a few. Click on each of the products featured above to view a complete list of their benefits.