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Charged Supplements CHRGD Pre-workout, 40 Servings
Charged Supplements CHRGD Pre-workout

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Charged Supplements CHRGD Pre-workout

Power, Charge, Focus!

Increased blood flow
Increased nitric oxide
Decreased muscle soreness
Decreased fatigue
Increased alertness
Better pumps

Most pre-workouts are lying to you. Either they have proprietary blends, or they don't dose their products correctly to have any effect on you. They jack up the caffeine to make it seem like it's working, when in reality all you feel is caffeine.
Training is a long game, it takes years to perfect your craft so don't waste time by buying a product with ingredients that don't work. CHRGD is the difference. This pre-workout has all of the right dosages, with premium ingredients so that you actually feel the product working.

Feel the CHARGE in this all-in-one pre-workout. Designed to give you the biggest pump possible in the gym, predator-like focus, and electric energy. This pre-workout is clinically-dosed with no fillers and only ingredients that are effective. CHRGD is all you need to hit that personal best, and crash through your goals.

Citrulline Malate is the number 1 pump product. L-Citrulline is an amino acid that works to increase arginine and ornithine plasma levels more efficiently and for longer periods of time than just l-arginine supplementation. With premium quality 2:1 L-Citrulline Malate, CHRGD delivers science-backed recommended dosages to actually feel its effects. Whereas most pre-workouts on the market under dose the ingredient, CHRGD gives you 6 grams so you can get those pumps you crave!
Beta Alanine is a must-have. At 3g, with high-quality, Canadian-made Beta Alanine, you will not only enhance your athletic performance, but also decrease muscle fatigue. If you haven't used it before, now is the perfect time to try with CHRGD!
Most pre-workouts just pile on the caffeine to make it feel like a quality pre-workout. CHRGD has the perfect amount of caffeine, you won't feel jitters but it is enough stimulant to get you through the toughest workouts.
Beet Root is a nitrate. It is a very uncommon ingredient in the supplement world because it tints the artificially-dyed pre-workouts. CHRGD allows you to have the best pump possible, achieved by including Beet Root Extract in the formula.
Taurine is a staple in any solid pre-workout. It increases blood flow - more nutrients to your muscles (can you say "increased exercise capacity"). It also is good for brain health and is what gets you into the zone during your workouts.
Agmatine Sulfate is an under-utilized supplement in the industry. It increases blood flow and vascularity by producing nitric oxide. If you want road-map veins, you have to try CHRGD!
We've included green tea extract for a more delayed and natural stimulant, for those longer workouts. Green tea extract has many benefits, such as delaying muscle fatigue so you can get those extra sets in!

Nutritional profile may vary with flavour.

Citric acid, malic acid, natural and artificial flavours, silicon dioxide and sucralose, with no artificial dyes or colouring.

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5 of 5 Premium pre-workout February 10, 2020
Reviewer: Calvin from Hamilton  
This pre is worth every penny and is by far the best I've had. Flavour is amazing and the effects are the best. I did the cheaper pre's when I started but I started trying the higher dosed pre and you realize the cheap ones are just a waste. all my friends loved CHRGD and will be reordering.

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5 of 5 Amazing pre December 4, 2019
Reviewer: Brent from Waterloo  
This pre workout is amazing. I get a feeling of euphoria when I use it and the pumps are ridiculous. The flavour is so amazing and even greater when considering the ingredients. So worth it. The only thing I'd change is the packaging but the preworkout is amazing and thats all that really matters.

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5 of 5 Best Pre-workout I've had October 22, 2019
Reviewer: Tyler from Thunder Bay  
First off, I love that this pre-workout is ACTUALLY 40 servings of full dosages. This preworkout is heavy, you feel the weight of the ingredients in it. Literally all of these companies say they have 40, 60 servings whatever but that's at half scoops. CHRGD has 40 FULL servings at $60 cad that is a steal and I'll buy more.
The only thing is that since there are so many active ingredients it can clump but you just have to shake the tub and it's perfectly fine.
2. The flavour is absolutely insane (pineapple). Probably best I've had in a pre-workout which is crazy considering that the ingredient profile is so high.
3. Effects. No pre-workout has me in the zone like CHRGD. I completely crush my workouts every time and the pumps are INSANE. Take CHRGD if you want to take an Instagram picture, seriously.
Overall, 9.5/10 - only downfall was the clumping but that's not something you can really change. I'll be rebuying and referring to my friends.

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5 of 5 SO YUMMY October 13, 2019
Reviewer: Maddy from Vancouver  
Omg so I used it this morning and normally my workouts are an hour and a half max because I normally feel dead then. But today I accidentally worked out for two and a half hours and it FLEW by!!! I burned WAY more calories than I always do lmao. Also normally I hate preworkout because it just makes my heart beat a lot faster and it stresses me out but this is literally perfect. AND SO YUMMY

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Reviewer: Mya from Vancouver  
Just took CHRGD preworkout for a longer than normal workout. My energy was sustained throughout the entire workout. Was able to focus for the whole workout. The taste was perfect not too strong like most preworkouts. This is one of the best preworkouts I've had in my life. Keep it up!

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