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Blue Star Crea-Tech

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Blue Star Crea-Tech, 120 caps

A giant step forward. An entirely new direction.

When we decided to completely reinvent the world’s concept of creatine, our first step was to understand its users. It turns out you all want the same thing – to add muscle without fat. And so began our journey towards creating a creatine product that would do just that. And along the way, we started learning about more than just muscle-building. We began to realize that – in some cases – the best way to lead the pack, is to leave them far behind.

The king of all non-hormonal muscle-builders.

Creatine is the most scientifically validated supplement in existence. Period. Bodybuilders, athletes, and average joes alike know that no other supplement adds muscle as quickly as creatine. But the benefits don’t stop there. Ask any creatine-researcher and they’ll agree, it’s 100% safe. Risk-free results are a pretty impressive claim for any product. But for Crea-Tech, they’re just the beginning.

Nothing compares to true.

Crea-Tech contains the only truly buffered creatine in the world. No other product produces a greater presence of intramuscular creatine. Most creatine products are a waste of your time, money, and effort. They disguise their inadequacies with other true, but often useless claims. Crea-Tech, on the other hand, takes a different approach. Every ingredient is there because it supports one thing, muscle growth – a product-defining difference you’ll notice from your very first serving.

History is history. The new future of creatine is now.

Historically, “advanced creatine” products have relied on inconclusive studies and unsubstantiated claims in their attempts to outsell competitors. But as published studies have become more available and consumers have become more aware, fraudulent creatine manufacturers are finding fewer people to fool. The once fine line between fact and fiction has been erased. In the newest world of male muscle growth, science is king, its results are proof, and Crea-Tech is its pioneer product.

Finally, German engineering comes to creatine.

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Crea-Tech exclusively uses Creapure pH10 – an ultra-pure creatine engineered in Germany. Long famous for its auto industry, Germany has now committed those same engineering standards to its creatine production. Creapure pH10 is guaranteed 99.95% pure – a promise unmatched anywhere in the world. Elsewhere, inferior manufacturing methods and careless quality assurance result in creatines loaded with useless filler. This negligence ends up wasting your time, money, and effort. Crea-Tech’s 99.95% purity is another noble distinction on its already impressive list of muscle-building benefits.

Muscle-growth. 23 years in the making.

The world welcomed the first commercially available creatine in 1993. Since then, brands have scrambled for ways to set themselves apart

1926 - The first scientific study suggesting creatine had muscle building effects is published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry

Early 1960s - Although never confirmed by the Soviet-bloc countries, reports surface that Russian and Bulgarian athletes are using creatine to enhance athletic performance

1993 - For the first time, a creatine supplement designed for muscle enhancement is made available to the public

1997 - creatine sales in United States reach 100 million dollars

1998 - Creatine is combined with dextrose for the first time – the intended result, to enhance absorption

2001 - A U.S. Patent is approved for a single buffered creatine - this acknowledges that the stability of creatine monohydrate is sensitive to changes in PH

2007 - Researchers show that adding an acid to creatine will improve its solubility. Many scientists identify that solubility does not directly correlate to increased stability

2016 - Blue Star Nutraceuticals Crea-Tech, using the only truly buffered creatine in the world, shows a 150% increase in the presence of creatine in human muscle tissue

After 23 years, creatine is still one of the most actively researched muscle-builders in the world. This ability to stand the test of time is just further proof of its astonishing muscle-building effects.

99.95% pure. 100% more.

You know, as an athlete, that micro-efforts lead to micro-results. The same rules apply to your creatine supplement. For years, brands have been slapping claims on the front of their labels that represent studies using as much as 5x their products’ actual serving. Imagine using your creatine, day after day for 6 months, only to discover you’re getting as little as 20% of the results you’re after. A single serving of Crea-Tech contains twice as much creatine as our next closest competitor. Now that you know this, you’ll appreciate the astonishing results – even more – after your first serving of Crea-Tech.

Clinically tested - by humans, on humans.

The core ingredients in Crea-Tech are clinically validated by human test subjects. Many brands mislead buyers with animal-based research and incomplete doses – Blue Star Nutraceuticals does neither. Our research is strong. Our numbers are solid. And our products are guaranteed – in writing. Now that you know that, know this – the core ingredients in Crea-Tech have been shown to:

Increase fat-free muscle mass by 1.76 pounds in the first 7 days

Increase protein synthesis

Improve performance, power, and strength

Increase muscle volume

Maintain water balance

Prevent cramps

Increase creatine transport rate across cells by 34%

Eliminate bloating

Reduce lactic acidosis during exercise

Increase the creatine content in your muscle by 150% (compared to creatine monohydrate, over a 4 week period)

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