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Allmax Creatine, 1000g

This 1000g bottle will provide you with 200 servings, WOW!

- 100% Pure Micronized highest grade Creatine
- Improves Performance in Short-Burst, High Intensity Training
- ALLMAX Creatine is Lab Tested and Ultra Pure
- The World’s Most Studied and Proven Supplement

ATP is the form of energy that is used by the muscles in anaerobic activity (explosive movements that happen too quick to use oxygen as energy). This is what makes creatine ideal for most athletes. By consuming a creatine supplement, an athlete can create an environment in their cells where there is an abundance of creatine phosphate available, which allows for rapid replenishment of ATP. This leads to a readily available energy source so that the muscle is able to recuperate its energy much quicker and perform more work in a shorter time period.

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Best creatine value for the money January 5, 2014
Reviewer: MIke G from Ottawa, ON Canada  
I used the Allmax brand creatine as my mainstay creatine for years, and it consistently delivered results: Nice strength gains, typically 5 pounds in extra bodyweight after being on it for a month, and reduced muscle soreness. I recently bought a lot of a more expensive Creatine HCL product, and found that there's really no difference. Stick with this Creapure stuff, it's really the best bang for your buck. The "bloating" from creatine mono is a myth btw; people who started complainaing about "bloating" were referring to feeling bloated from stomach upset from the more gritty powders, not bloated from water retention. Creatine causes you to retain water INSIDE the muscle cells, not under your skin. Don't believe me? Competitive bodybuilders have been injecting NEOTON (injectible creatine mono) before contests for years now, how much water do they carry on stage?

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