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CLEARANCE - Allmax ALLWHEY, 5lb - Chocolate
Allmax AllWhey

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Allmax AllWhey 5lb

3-Stage Instantized Protein Delivery System!

Every competitive athlete knows high quality protein is the foundation to building muscle. ALLWHEY has arrived. ALLMAX Nutrition introduces 3 innovations in whey protein technology enabling a 3-Stage protein delivery.

"ALLWHEY Provides 25g of Protein per serving through a 3-Stage delivery system."

ALLWHEY protein powder provides 25 grams of pure whey protein per serving with an enzymatically-reduced lactose content providing a virtually lactose-free protein. ALLWHEY contains US Gov't patented, microencapsulated Clarinol CLA and OmegaEFA to dramatically improve the macronutrient profile.

1. What is ALLWHEY?

ALLWHEY is a low sugar, high protein powder that provides a 3-stage protein delivery. ALLWHEY provides 25 grams of pure whey protein per serving with reduced-lactose content.

2. Can I use ALLWHEY with other supplements?

Yes you can. ALLWHEY is simply a natural food supplement. Depending on your goals ALLWHEY complements many other ALLMAX Nutrition products to help you get your training to the next level. If you?re tying to lose weight or lean out try combining Rapidcuts with ALLWHEY. If you?re trying to bulk up or put on weight Leutor and Glutamine are excellent products to try in addition to ALLWHEY protein powder.

3. How do I take ALLWHEY?

Combine 1 scoop (33 grams) of ALLWHEY protein powder with water, juice or milk at any time during the day that you need a protein boost. ALLWHEY mixes well in a shaker cup but can be combined with other ingredients in a blender as a smoothie as well.

4. What is ALLWHEY sweetened with?

ALLWHEY is sweetened with Acesulfame-Potassium and doesn?t contain any Aspartame.

5. Will ALLWHEY give me big bulky muscles?

If that is your goal you probably wish it were that simple. Unfortunately for all you bodybuilders out there you probably already know it takes a lot of hard work at the gym, proper nutrition (including a lot of calories) and genetics to get big and bulky muscles. But ALLWHEY can provide you with the nutrients your body needs to recover from your workouts and is a great protein option to help fuel your muscles.

For those of you trying to lose weight or tone up, drinking protein supplements such as ALLWHEY are not going to give you big, bulky muscles. In fact, ALLWHEY can actually help you reach your weight loss goals as protein can help to stabilize blood glucose levels. This will reduce hunger levels and lower insulin levels; putting your body in an ideal fat burning zone.

6. When should I take ALLWHEY?

You can use ALLWHEY anytime of the day to supplement your diet with protein. ALLWHEY tastes great blended with oatmeal as a tasty breakfast option, can be consumed post-workout in a smoothie with fruit, some even have a shake before they go to bed.

7. Do I have to use a blender to mix up my ALLWHEY protein powder?

ALLWHEY was developed with an advanced technological process as an instantized protein powder, meaning that it mixes easily in a shaker cup and doesn?t require a blender. Those who have tried ALLWHEY have commented that it mixes well with water or milk in a shaker cup creating a nice smooth drink. Of course if you like making protein shakes with your blender ALLWHEY can be used in the blender as well.

8. Is whey better than soy?

There is quite a lot of controversy among nutritional experts about this. Although whey protein has a higher biological value than soy protein, a lot of scientific research has proven that soy protein can also offer a variety of health benefits as well. ALLWHEY protein powder is composed of exclusively whey protein but there's no reason why you can?t include soy protein in your balanced diet as well.

9. Can I use ALLWHEY if I?m lactose-intolerant?

No you can't as ALLWHEY contains milk products.

10. If I eat beef, chicken and eggs, do I still need to use ALLWHEY?

Many people supplement with ALLWHEY as it?s a nice change from eating chicken or beef. ALLWHEY is easy to use, extremely versatile and can be carried with you. Unlike animal sources of protein it travels well in a gym bag or suitcase for a quick protein boost whenever you need one. ALLWHEY is simply a convenient high protein, low fat addition to your diet plan.

*Nutritional info for Chocolate it varies slightly between flavors

Directions For AllMax Nutrition AllWhey: (Adults) As a protein supplement, combine 1-2 scoops (31-62 grams) of ALLWHEY with 6-12 oz. of cold water, milk or juice, and mix thoroughly in shaker. ALLWHEY mixes instantly and can be used between meals, prior to training, post training, or anytime a high biological value (BV) protein surce is required.

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Love Allwhey November 9, 2015
Reviewer: Pat from La Peche  
First whey powder I've ever tried and stayed on it for a while.  To bad they tweaked the flavors a few years back, the vanilla doesnt taste the same as it did. With training and good nutrition it helped me to go down 40lbs to reach 8%bf.  Vanilla is great, white chocolate peanut butter is ok just missing the peanut butter more in there....butterscotch maple fudge is a bit to sweet for me, not horrible  had to mix it with another flavor to even it out. Mix well and doesn't clump.

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Best Bang For Your Buck April 5, 2014
Reviewer: Greg Mroczek from St. Catharines, ON Canada  
Stay the hell away from their Maple flavor, it's awful probably the worst I've ever tasted and I've tried my fair share of protein powders.

Now on the other hand, their Strawberry is fantastic, this is coming from someone that hates strawberries. It tastes like a strawberry smoothie, it's easy to mix and tends to come out a little thick if you don't add enough milk. I have to say it has the best strawberry taste out of all the protein that I've tried.

Chocolate, it tastes more like a darker chocolate, most powders have a milky taste to them, this does not. Not as good as strawberry, but very good overall. I alternate between the chocolate and strawberry, just stay the hell away from maple.

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