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4EverFit BLAST-XT, 200g - Berry Blast
4EverFit Blast-XT Pre-Workout

Exp: 31 Dec 2018
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4EverFit Blast-XT Pre-Workout, 200g

Better Absorption = Better Results

Scientifically developed Alkaline Mineral Matrix for improved digestion and absorption
• Electrolytes for Optimal Hydration
• Power for hard lasting Pumps
• Absolute Focus and Drive
• Fast, Clean, Lasting Energy and Stamina

With just one serving of super concentrated 4EverFit Blast-XT you will know the environment for your best workout is upon you!
4EverFit Blast-XT Pre-Workout is a powerful bu¬ffered Formula made with Real Pharmaceutical grade ingredients to deliver:

1. Clean, jitter-free energy.
2. Direct type 2 muscle fibre stimulation and
growth support.
3. Almost instant focus and lasting stamina.
4. Increased muscle contractile force.
5. Accelerated post performance recovery.
6. Alkaline enhanced muscle nutrient uptake and growth enhancement.
7. Long Lasting Pumps
8. Anti-fatigue that forces you to exceed the competitions capacity to perform.
9. Innervation of dormant muscle cells and fibres.
10. Electrolytes for improved hydration and recovery.

4EverFit Blast-XT does what other Pre-Workouts have failed to do. It is great tasting with no aftertaste. It is all natural. Vegan. Gluten Free. NON-GMO. Bu¬ffered alkaline formula! 4EverFit Blast-XT is the only pH bu¬ffered, pre-workout performance enhancing stimulant. Regarded as one of the most eff¬ective products in the pre-workout category, new 4EVERFIT BLAST-XT may blow your mind. Designed with scientifically researched doses of potent key ingredients, 4EVERFIT BLAST-XT is the only choice if you're looking for a true pre-workout formula that delivers powerful results. Extreme energy, enhanced muscle endurance, max strength and muscle growth, extremely tight muscle pumps and ultra-focus. The next generation of pre-workout technology that amplifies your training intensity and performance, to promote lasting gains.
4EVERFIT BLAST-XT will put you on the path to achieve those individual muscle building and athletic goals that only you can visualize.
This tasty pre-workout drink mix induces your mind and body to work in sync to stimulate fat-burning and promote muscle growth. You will work harder and smarter with greater focus and stamina. Your body will be transformed through the natural enhanced Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) stimulated by Blast-XT. This alkaline-based formulation yields noticeably rapid results without the detrimental acidity associated with other pre-workout drinks. Blast-XT is pH-balanced and helps to create the internal environment your body needs to build and preserve muscle mass. Get on
4EverFit Blast-XT Today!
With our exclusive pH power scientifically developed buffered mineral matrix. By buffering Blast-XT with pH power we are aiding the body to reduce its pH. Exercise causes the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles. When lactic acid levels get too high the muscle burns and shuts down. pH Power reduce lactic acid build up and buffers other acidic waste caused by working out.

Nutritional profile may vary with flavour.

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Ready to go March 1, 2018
Reviewer: Samantha  
I usually don't like pre workouts but thought I would give this a chance after reading up about it. Glad I did, it helped me get energy to go to the gym after a long day.

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